Books currently in print
Published by John Wiley:
■  How to Open and Run a Successful Restaurant (3rd Edition)  Buy
■  How to Open and Run a Successful Bar  Buy
■  How to Run a Catering Company from Home  Buy

■  How to Run a Catering Company from Home  Buy
■  Armagnac to Zinfandel – A Modern Guide to the World of Wine, Spirits and Beer is only available to purchase as an eBook.  Buy

Published Fiction
Mystery Thrillers (Carlyle):
■  A Taste of Conspiracy
■  Double or Nothing
First Lady (a modern trilogy with the same central character)

Romances under the pseudonym ‘Christine Thompson’ (MacFadden Romances):
■  Candles in the Rain
■  Born to Love
■  Golden Destiny
■  Sunshower
■  Love’s Tender Art
■  Chateau of Love

Published Non-Fiction
■  Royal Singles (Simon & Schuster): a review of unmarried members of royal families from all over the world, with pictures.

Articles and Letters for:
■  Town & Country
■  Vanity Fair
■  Woman
■  New York Times
■  Daily News
■  New York Post (United States)
Daily Telegraph
■  Sunday Telegraph
■  Spectator (UK)
Il Piacere (Italy)

Television and Radio Appearances:
United States:
■  Merv Griffin (two fifteen-minute segments on national TV)
■  Today
■  Good Morning America (Regis Philbin, entire two-hour show)
■  Morton Downey
■  ABC News
■  FOX News

■  Capital Radio
■  BBC Radio Four

■  Radio Canberra