“One infallible mark of your true drink-man is that he reads everything on the subject that comes his way…”  Kingsley Amis

Armagnac to Zinfandel – A Modern Guide to the World of Wine, Spirits and Beer
The world of alcohol has seen more changes in the last thirty years than it did in the previous three centuries. Wines from the Americas and the Antipodes are outpacing traditional sources both in quality and quantity. Markets are changing. India and China now make whiskey. Soon, Asia will be the world’s principal export market, and America will be the biggest producer.
Anomalies and contradictions abound. The number of bars and licensed restaurants is ever increasing in the USA, the UK, and most countries where alcohol is permitted.
Yet, 900 British pubs closed in 2009 and about the same number in 2010.
The book offers a tour of the world’s vineyards, breweries and bars. It gives some relevant history, description, anecdote and advice.

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  • Introduction
  • Chapter OneA Brief History of Alcohol
  • Chapter TwoProhibition
  • Chapter ThreeSocial Attitudes
  • Chapter FourWine
  • Chapter FiveOrganic Wine
  • Chapter SixHow Wine is Made
  • Chapter SevenVintage Wines
  • Chapter EightCellars
  • Chapter NineWomen and Wine
  • Chapter TenWine Critics and Journalists
  • Chapter ElevenRecord Prices
  • Chapter TwelveSelecting a Wine
  • Chapter ThirteenVillage Wines
  • Chapter FourteenCork vs. Screwtop
  • Chapter FifteenPlastic Bottles, Cans and Cartons
  • Chapter SixteenWine Movies
  • Chapter SeventeenWines of the World
  • Chapter EighteenWine Tasting
  • Chapter NineteenWine Terms
  • Chapter TwentyFortified Wines, Wine Cocktails, Aperitifs
  • Chapter Twenty-OneChampagne and Sparkling Wines
  • Chapter Twenty-TwoSpirits
  • Chapter Twenty-ThreeVodka and Gin
  • Chapter Twenty-FourWhiskeys
  • Chapter Twenty-FiveRum
  • Chapter Twenty-SixTequila
  • Chapter Twenty-SevenBrandy, Cognac and Cousins
  • Chapter Twenty-EightBeer, Stout and Cider
  • Chapter Twenty-NineLiqueurs and One-Offs
  • Chapter ThirtyBitters
  • Chapter Thirty-OneAlcohol and Health
  • Chapter Thirty-TwoCelebrity Drinkers
  • Chapter Thirty-ThreeHow to Organise a Drinks Party
  • Chapter Thirty-FourCareers in the Alcohol Industry
  • Chapter Thirty-FivePubs, Liquor Stores and Supermarkets
  • Chapter Thirty-SixScandals and Dirty Tricks
  • Chapter Thirty-SevenBehind the Scenes
  • Epilogue